Lean To Use Point Spreads When Betting On Sports

Sports betting

Betting on your favorite sports team is important business for those who take their sports seriously. But the goal is not only to make the competition more enjoyable to watch, but to win some money at the same time.

Placing a wager on different teams may seem complicated if one really hopes to win, because the way you choose to wager can determine whether you are risking more than you may be comfortable with. It also can determine your odds of winning, making them higher or lower.

Most casual gamblers just go for the team who is doing the best, who has the most wins and seems to have the stronger players. However, one favorited way of gamblers to ensure a more level playing field is to use the Point Spread to determine who to wager on, as well as how much money to actually put on your team.

Betting on a sports team using the Point Spread basically ensures there is a more equal playing field. Here’s how it works.

Let’s use the San Francisco 49ers, (my personal favorite team) and the Seahawks as an example. The 49ers unfortunately are not doing so well, so they would be considered the ‘underdog’ team, whereas the Seahawks who are doing better, would be the favored team to win should the two meet on the field.

The Point Spread is a handicap placed on the favored team. This means a number of points are added into the equation when determining who will win a wager based on the total end score of the game.

The Point Spread in this scenario is 7. The Seahawks are favored by seven points over the 49ers. The Seahawks must win by eight or more points in order for those to have bet on them to win. Or the 49ers have to win or lose by 8 or more points. If the Seahawks win by exactly seven points that would be called a ‘push’, meaning all wagers get refunded to the bettors.

In other words even if you bet on the 49ers and they lost, as long as they lost by eight points or less than seven, you would still win.

When trying to decide how best to use the Point Spread you will need to pay close attention to how the teams are listed in the upcoming game rosters.

A minus sign next to a team indicates it as being the favored to win team. A plus sign will indicate it is considered the ‘underdog’ team.

Using the point spread to wager on sports teams is less risky in most cases and probably the easiest way to jump into gambling on sports teams for the novice.

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